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Before i started my own business, i traveled around the world in 4 years.

I worked worldwide in over 40 different Keramikstudios. So i learned a lot about the different cultures. Now i know a lot technics und styles in the field of ceramics.

2011-2016 i study Engineering / Materials Technology Glass and Ceramics.


2016 Interior Lifestyle China 2016, Shanghai

2016 La Carrousel des Métiers d´Art de Création, Paris


I learned a lot about harmony and restraint. My Products were influenced by Japan.

Sometimes you can find my fingerprints on the products surface. This is typical for my own design.

The color is white and simple. 

All the forms are designed for a modern healthy lifestyle. You can use it in the kitchen for cooking and baking, for decoration indoor as well as outside and as a present. 

The products are Dishwasher and microwave safe.


My idea is to find a genial solution for Air Pollution out of clay. My claim is to work with natural materials in a environmentally friendly way. 

So i am looking for good partners to improve the firing process and so on.

It is not easy to manufacture ceramics in high quality without residues but it is necessary. 

This is the future! 

We all know that the climate is changing. Nature and human being should be able to work in harmony.

Handmade CERAMIC for a healthy Lifestyle
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